Is ‘cultural Marxism’ really taking over universities? I crunched some numbers to find out

By Matthew Sharpe, Associate Professor at Deakin University in The Conversation on Sept 8 2020

“Cultural Marxism” is a term favoured by those on the right who argue the humanities are hopelessly out of touch with ordinary Australia.

The criticism is that radical voices have captured the humanities, stifling free speech on campuses.

The term has been used widely over the past decade. Most infamously, in former senator Fraser Anning’s 2018 “final solution” speech to parliament he denounced cultural Marxism as “not a throwaway line, but a literal truth”.

But is cultural Marxism actually taking over our universities and academic thinking? Using a leading academic database, I crunched some numbers to find out.

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Why Milkshaking Works

By Matt Ford in The New Republic

The far right fears nothing more than public humiliation.

The biggest topic in British political circles on Monday wasn’t the country’s impending departure from the European Union. It was milkshakes—or, rather, one milkshake in particular that was lobbed by a bystander in Newcastle at Nigel Farage, a Brexit Party candidate in the European Parliament elections later this week.

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Anti-Fascists Are Waging a Cyber War — And They’re Winning

By Aaron Gell at GEN

Inside the world of antifa researchers as they build an online army to battle far-right extremism

Wait, you’re AntiFash Gordon?” a novice investigator asked excitedly, as it dawned on him that the mild-mannered instructor at the front of the room was practically famous — the Zorro-like figure behind a notorious Twitter handle. “Dude, will you autograph my arm after this? Can I buy you a drink?”

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10 tips for covering white supremacy and far-right extremists


In his testimony before a U.S. House committee last month, the assistant director of the FBI’s counterterrorism division, Michael C. McGarrity, referred to racially-motivated, violent extremist groups as “domestic terrorists.” He explained that violent white supremacists “have been responsible for the most lethal incidents among domestic terrorists in recent years, and the FBI assesses the threat of violence and lethality posed by racially motivated violent extremists will continue.”

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