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Jeremy Buckingham proclaims himself “Independent Real Green”

Unless he’s joining up with Lee Rhiannon, I don’t wanna hear any current or former Green refer to themselves as anything other than a tree tory.

The farce that has been the NSW Greens over the last few years is finally spilling over, and I must say that it’s glorious. First, they turfed out the last of the “old Greens” Lee Rhiannon. Then they had, and then denied having, a rise in factions with so-called “watermelons” within a new faction known as Left Renewal with everyone else, including Greens leader Richard Di Natale, being lumped in as a Tree Tory – that is a liberal that loves trees.

Now, former Greens star sinecure Jeremy Buckingham has called it quits after losing a preselection campaign – a loss attributed to allegations of “sexual misconduct” – and has thrown perhaps the greatest political hissy-fit since the August leadership spill. He’s announced that he will run for the New South Wales upper house as a “Real Independent Green” in a fiery press conference where he ripped up a placard reading “Toxic NSW Greens”. You will be sorely missed, Jeremy. By someone. I hope.

Labor has never had such a great anti-Greens campaigner.