Old stuff

Over the years, I’ve made posts to various websites. Some of those websites are / are soon to shut down. I’ve copied these older posts here because I liked them and want to keep them available.

They are presented here in their original form, with any retrospectively incorrect information, bad ideas or language use intact. Read at your own risk.

Because iosef.org does not use tags, any tags associated with these old posts have been removed.


Formerly found at skymann.net, this used to be my main website before August 2017.


Originally found at govorapost.com, later moved Medium. I no longer control the domain for this site and I didn’t have access to the original posts for many years until I discovered archives of them.

Rich Uncle Rupert

Originally a blog on Medium where I posted about random happenings in the media. The media column on this site is intended to replace it.