An hero: (1) The act of committing suicide. (2) A person who has committed suicide.

Alternative fact: (1) a thinly-veiled lie; (2) a distortion of a true statement that is true by technicality

Blow-in: a candidate in an election who recently moved to or does not live in the electoral division they are seeking to represent.

BOMPING (also displayed as ?️?️Ⓜ?I?): good or cool.

Comic Sans: A font in the “cursive” family that is well known for being used inappropriately. Often used for sarcasm. 

Christian Ascendancy: A small group of Australian Christians who believe that their religious beliefs are above or should be incorporated into the law of Australia and who either hold or are percieved to hold considerable political power and privilege. Named in reference to the Protestant Ascendancy of Ireland. (see also: Roast Vegetable Gang)

Roast Vegetable Gang: The conservative faction of the Coalition (Liberal/National Parties). Named for Peter Dutton’s remarkable resemblance to potatoes and Tony Abbott’s bizarre encounter with a raw onion.

/s or /sarc: used at the end of a sarcastic statement to make it obvious that it is sarcastic. (See also: Comic Sans).