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Comic plot hole #1

“i scares people lmao”


From a friend:

“So like Scarecrow has this gas that shows you your worst fears but like what happens if your worst fear is being sprayed by Scarecrow’s gas? Do you get stuck in a loop?”

Checkmate DC.

9 thoughts on “Comic plot hole #1

      1. hell yea br0ski, hol up ho, are u getting the PS3? Can u belive they be makin a new Playstation! hot damn,i herd they ar makin a Sims 3?!?!?!?!?!?!? WOT :0 i hope they also mak a GTA 4 that wood be AWZEMSAUZE!!!!!! i lov gta

        1. i’m aboard the hype train for the sims 3. i heard that there’ll be open world and you can pick what shoes your sims wear.

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