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The benefits of Blu-Ray, as explained by a bot I paid $20

In recent months, I’ve been looking for ways to speed up the process of writing for this blog. Today, I considered that one way of doing that might be to use a bot that would write articles based on a short description of the topic and I would use it as a starting point to create this websites. Clearly this was a terrible idea.

Not being a master of programming, I looked online to see if someone else had built similar technology. I simply wrote in “writing bot” and found a website called articoolo which, for a small fee will have a bot generate articles based on a 2-5 word description. I purchased 10 article credits and after a number of attempts to have the bot understand keywords such as “Roman Quaedvlieg scandal” and “Blu-ray benefits over streaming”, I finally got an article produced with the far less specific keywords “Blu-ray benefits”.

Behold! A true work of literary art, unedited and unabridged. We present today, the findings of the benefits of the humble Blu-ray.


Blu-ray Benefits

by Articoolo

Upon first glance, Blu beam technology may seem remarkably comparable to DVD technology. The players seem the same, the discs themselves seem alike as do the disk menus. The question for most why pay more for Blu ray? To put it differently, Blu beam technology boasts 3 main improvements over conventional DVDs: Better picture quality – better audio quality – More special features – Each of these advancements tend to be made possible by exactly the 50GB of storage capacity on any Blu ray disc, offering considerably more storage than the normal 8GB offered by DVD technologies. For everyone seeking to make the change, or who’re simply curious, here are a few details about each advancement: Picture Quality – More storage on every disc implies that resolutions are a lot higher, which makes Blu ray images crisp and comprehensive.

Viewers may see strands of hair, wrinkles in the skin as well as watch strands of hair, wrinkles in skin. Blu ray also utilizes better video compression techniques which suggests the grain of certain fabrics considerable. To place this in context, Blu beam resolution appears better compared to the average Hi-def picture and is the best quality video format on the market to this day. Blu ray technology alongside a high functionality HD-TV or projector could lead to picture quality unrivalled by the local cinema. Audio Quality – High resolution soundtrack formats such as Dolby TrueHi-def and DTS-Hi-def Master Audio make Blu beam audio superior to most other forms.

These top high quality formats are veritably identical to the studio masters so sounds, music and dialogue are experienced exactly as the manager and audio engineers intended. Special Features – Among Master Audio create Blu beam sound superior to most other that allows viewers to access the menu functions whilst the film or program is playing. Users could quality formats are veritably identical to the studio masters so sounds, music and dialogue are experienced just as the manager and audio engineers intended and also the capability the best functions of Blu ray specific features is the pop-up menu throughout the player.

While some of those functions require exactly exactly the appropriate Blu ray profile to access, this is easily done and exactly the advantages are substantial. To download certain Blu ray extras directly. Functions require exactly exactly the appropriate Blu ray profile to access, this is easily done and exactly the visualization experience distinctive and powerful. Classic movies have been For film buffs, Blu ray is simply the highest available technology disks to present old films that look completely new. Regardless if you watch a film a week or one every single night, Blu beam marks a significant step forward in viewing technologies and is a great investment. The format itself provides every consumer with a complete home entertainment experience that’s affordable and impressive. Disclaimers: That night, Blu ray marks a substantial step forward in viewing technology and is an excellent investment.



After the article is generated, you are taken to an editor where you can see suggestions for changes in terms of grammar, style, repetition, and structure. Why the bot can’t make these changes itself based on its own suggestions is unknown, but it should be noted that the bot did manage to replicate my propensity for long, often hyphenated or broken up, sentences. It couldn’t replicate technical language, as expected, and relied heavily on marketing-speak. It couldn’t even hyphenate the trademark Blu-ray properly, occasionally referring to the format as “blue beam”. The humourous “Disclaimers” which don’t actually “disclaim” anything is a nice, but unnecessary, touch.

Obviously a bot requires some kind of training data and that most of the articles on the internet giving the benefits of the Blu-ray format compared to its predecessor, the DVD. I wanted to make a comparison between Blu-ray and its ultimate rival, online streaming. Because I couldn’t even give it enough of a description for it to generate proper context, I seriously can’t be surprised at this result.

Given that I mainly talk about politics and media, both fields that require a lot of technical language, I can’t imagine that articoolo’s service would be right for the purpose described in the lede. Even if I did edit the articles it generated extensively. It’s limit of five keywords and its tendency to reject suggestions makes it utterly useless for this website, or indeed most of the purposes the service uses as a selling point. The $1.90 spent, rather the $19 spent when the other 9 article credits are considered, on this article could’ve been better spent on a Facebook ad for this website.

Perhaps the human mind really is superior to the computer after all.