Video: ANU students confront vice chancellor in protest of lack of action on sexual assault and harassment

Brian Schmidt AC and Grady Venville, surrounded by student protestors who are expressing their discontent with the ANU's lack of action on a Human Rights Commission report into sexual harassment and assault on campus.

Viewers, especially ANU students, are advised that this post may contain content that may cause distress to survivors of sexual abuse and institutional betrayal

Students at the Australian National University gathered in the Kambri Cultural Centre yesterday to mark the fourth anniversary of the release of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s landmark Change the Course report into sexual assault and harassment on university campuses with a protest. Since the release of the report, the ANU has been slow to implement its recommendations. Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt AC admitted that reform had not been to the expected pace and told students that the reforms that are needed were “hard” to implement.

The ANU Womens’ Department, a student organisation, released a report entitled Broken Promises that morning, providing further recommendations while criticising the university for failing to implement the report’s recommendations and for breaking other, related, promises.

Note: At the time this protest occurred, Canberra had no active cases of COVID-19 and there were no restrictions on protests of this nature.