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ASIO pours cold water on Dutton’s false equivalency

As expected, in their submission to the parliamentary inquiry into political extremism, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation had almost nothing to say about left-wing violence and plenty to say about right-wing violence.

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Reading List newsletter: out now

I’ve started a newsletter. The newsletter will curate articles I’ve seen throughout the week on topics like governance (especially corruption and integrity here in Australia), trade unionism, antifascism, democratisation, political history, and the media. 

The kinds of things I like to post about on here.

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I know it’s a bit late but scrap the link tax.

So, you’re telling me that a bill that provides disincentives for Facebook to cooperate disincentivised them from cooperating? And we’re supposed to be mad at Facebook for this‽ Anything to protect Rupert and Peter, I guess.

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