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Poster covered with homophobic canards is wrong, surprise.

Today in Melbourne, posters with the slogan “STOP THE FAGS” next to a litany of homophobic canards were being distributed. The claims made on the poster are questionable, have not been peer reviewed, and ignore reality.

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How to ditch Microsoft Word and live a much happier life.

Seriously, Word should die in a hot fire.

Microsoft Word is an artefact of a bygone era. It was designed to layout text for print. Generally speaking, most people don’t print anymore. Printers suck anyway. Word is also proprietary, and is thus not interoperable. For a program that people use just to store text, the amount of crap inside a .docx file is astonishing. As someone who doesn’t have Word installed, sending me a .docx file is useless. Not everyone has Word. The few people that don’t either don’t use an Office suite, use Google Docs, or use neither. They are the kind of people who still think Windows has a 23-character limit on file names. Ideally, the replacement would be PDF, which is open source and is ubiquitous on any operating system that can run a modern browser (both Chrome and Firefox have PDF readers built in). However, PDFs have the same problem of being designed with print in mind and they can’t be edited as easily as Word files. Summon Markdown.
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